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Brighter Tutors is part of Gracedom Academy, committed to finding the right tutor for your needs. We cover all secondary subjects and abilities, Degree Subjects, Learning Difficulties and Languages. Our CRB checked tutors are matched by skill-set, personality and aptitude to the student they are tutoring? We ensure that the match is perfect from the outset by meeting the family and assessing your expectations from our tutors.

Whether it's for exams and revision techniques, building confidence and speeding up the learning process, or helping students that are falling behind, individual private tutoring is the answer.

We offer a Free Consultation Service where we come out to your home or you come to our centre and we assess your child's / the student's requirements and provide advice and recommendations that meet your specific needs and pinpoints specific areas of concern. We:

  • Discuss the student's individual needs and goals
  • Get to know the student, so we can match the right tutor
  • Discuss the student's learning style, so they can learn more effectively
  • Work out a schedule perfectly tailored to your individual needs
  • Provide a customised and highly affordable quote for your personal tutoring schedule

Investing in a good education is invaluable in today’s society where there is competition for school places, pressure at school to perform to best ability and competition for good jobs at the end of it all.

We take great pride in offering you the best solution for your educational needs. Our service includes a free consultation, at your home, where we work with parents and students to offer a plan.

Our geographic reach spreads across the London but our centre is in Enfield.

When selecting a tutor for Private Tuition, we believe that the selection is about more than just matching subjects and skills. We also believe that personality considerations are an important part of the planning process, and we are committed to making sure that the student-tutor match is right for our students and tutors, and for the parents as well. For this reason, we regard the in-home consultation as an important part of our process.

In your first consultation session, we will discuss with the student or with the parents the individual's educational goals. At this time, we get to know the student, to make sure that the eventual match between the student and instructor is suited to the student’s personality. We also try to assess the individual learning style of the student, so as to design a more effective programme of tuition. A schedule will then be discussed, followed by a customised quote based on the personal programme and schedule.



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